A model's life
2002-06-17 15:09:54 (UTC)

our convo's...!

HA i kno they are sappy, but heck, i've got a BOYFRIEND

hey babyheart,
I think I fall for you everytime I see you, but I dont
think you feel the same...I want to know your honest
opinion?...I just wrote this for you.....take it to
I'd sever the stars from the sky
and place them in your hands
if I thought another wish / they'd see the light of
but you stand beyond the sun
Beyond the reach of just a friend
maybe if i grew wings / maybe if you lost yours
these words would flow like water
if you'd let them scrape your heart/
Not with in arms length/
embedded within my concise effort
a silent cry / I receive no comfort
and as I collapse we remain nothing more than friends
As I hold my breath / a throat full of cement
I'm disgusted by repetition I accept this curse
of friendship / your friend / friendship

awww thats cute!
but r u tryin to tell me something?

I like you a lot........dont break my heart
dont worry, i wont, as long as you don't break mine


you are too great...
You are god most beautiful creation...from the moment
i set eyes upon you i knew i wanted to be with you...
You are my Heart,

i wish i could write like you, i totally envy you...

no, you are too great.....


wow, ur so sweet
im sorry that im not like a romantic person. i totally have
deep and true feelings for you, but its hard for me to
express them in words. Im not a very verbal person. Its
eaiser for me to express them others ways...

hey baby,
i hope u have a good time tonight at the party. sry i cant
come ive got to hang with my cousins tonight....:(

well gtg,


to tell you, I didnt have a good time...You werent
there and I was sad...You and I would've had a good
time there....Oh well, I know you wont get this before
you go to sleep but I missed you tonight and I also
hope you had fun...I WILL see YOU
bye Heart

thanx for the email! so sweeet!!! i actually feel asleep at
7pm last night and woke up like at midnight and hung with
my bro and his gf and went back to sleep. so i didnt see my
cousins til this morning cause ive just been really tired
lately! i'm sorry you had a bad time last night and i
really wish i came. i just needed to catch up on some

i can't wait to see you today either! i'm so excited!



i just wanted to thank you for coming today. it ment a lot
to me for you to meet my family. i feel closer to you now
that you know the people who know me the best....

its just like the little things you do for me that can
totally make a bad day become good, and i want to thank you
for that. i also want to thank you for being you. i feel so
thankful that i met you and got to kno you....i feel
blessed that i am able to be with you, and i am so lucky go
have a great guy like you in my life. i hope we last for a
long time, cause what we have now is great.


I used to think that money could buy love, I guess I
was wrong I would give the world just to see you for a
second of my life.....I would give up so much for so
much greater......I guess I was missing what need
completion, and you were the part I was missing. I
know that everyone says this and I know its corny but
I feel like the luckiest person on earth to spend what
time I have with you, because we are magic together.
Im not scared to tell you how I feel, and until the
end i will show my emotions.....even beyond the end I
will feel what we have now.....Lets enjoy
it:).....They call me superman, Im here to rescue
you....bye Heart

that made me think when you said, "i used to think money
could buy love..."
You see, i'm like addicted to the musical "RENT" and the
theme of the musical is "you can't buy love, but you can
rent it", because all good things have to come to and end.
and hopefully we wont end soon because we've just begun.
yes, i do feel complete with you. you filled that little
whole in my life and now i feel like a real person, and im
not afraid to show my emotions with you either. what i like
about you is that you arent just my boyfriend, but you are
my friend too, and i trust you. there arent too many
relationships like ours because ours' is special.
and thats y im gonna treasure every moment with you....