2002-06-17 15:02:55 (UTC)

foamy wigs.

i just woke up.

i had the strangest dreams.

mamaw and i .... we went to get some flowers at a nursery.
and it was a fucked up flower nursery. the old woman/en
made me and this gorgeous wonderful funny guy... (maybe
ike? i dunno) ... wear wigs. red ones. it was weird.
especially the part that all of the girls who were at
northdelta... a year ahead of me... the ones that everyone
longed to be in junior high... were working under this evil
nursery woman. she was mean. and mamaw kept getting older
and older as the dream progressed.

then i had another flash dream... and my mother was
sunbathing in my driveway... in the middle of this terrible

i just washed my face with this cool clinique foamy stuff.
it's so much fun.

kay. i'm out.