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2002-06-17 15:01:22 (UTC)

Religion chat room transcript *MORONS* (msn chatrooms)

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : I went in this religious room to start a
riot. I asked this person what their nickname meant, no big
deal, a host messaged me and said "no disruptive behavior"
and i argued with her, so she banned me 24 hour "no arguing
with hosts" then..

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : i went back in as someone else started
yelling "HI!!!" and was banned another 24 hr.. then

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : I went in again as another name, got
banned for "threats" (24 hour)

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : and THEN got banned another 24 hour for
coming back in

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : so I went in today and i wasn't banned,
but i was on permanent spectator

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : grrr

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : lol i know.. "Achristianschatworld" go
protest for me

Guest_moon_child goes off to protest in the name of her
cyber hubby

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : Woooo

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : BeigeWolfie is the bitch host, I doubt
she's in there now though

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : Some RELIGIOUS people huh? won't even
let "jesus' son" back in lol

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : what if I want to WORSHIP?

Guest_moon_child : lol yeah right

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : they're all getting hexxed if you ask me

The_WeatherCat has joined the conversation.

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : voodoo doll time

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : stab those pins in the doll's crotch.. lmao

eptiaph has joined the conversation.

Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : "owww oww it hurrttss"

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Jã©ĸThê®ïpp论 : okay i'll be quiet now.

That was a chat I had about this fucking bogus religion
room in msn chats. *~AChristiansChatWorld~* or something.
You should go there and tell them to unban JackTheRipper
(which would be my msn name)

What kind of true christian are they anyway? I went in this
other christian room and they immediately banned me for 24

Like what the hell? Do they think I'm going to 'kill' them?
It's just a nickname.. fuckers, I could just kill them...
Wait, did I just say that?

Everyone go there in protest!!! Let Jack back in the
religious rooms so he can BURN beigewolfie!!

Okay, that's it.