A model's life
2002-06-17 14:58:50 (UTC)

My boyfriend is so great

Wow, alvero and i are finally going out! we've been giong
out since last thursday, june 13, 2002. but it seems like
we've been giong out for a lot longer....
i dont know what it is about him, but i just love spending
time with him.
when im not with him, im longing to be with him.
and when i am with him, im hoping he'll never leave because
i love spending time with him and being in his company.
he is such a warm and friendly person. his personality is
infectious. everything about him is perfect! i'm trying not
to fall to hard for him, but it is just too hard not to
because he is so perfect. everything he does is so
meaningful. this is my first real serious relationship.
i guess we are on the stage of "serious dating".

i dont know if i love him, but i like him a lot, and maybe
one day love wil lcome, but im not ready for love yet.