Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-06-17 14:27:05 (UTC)

An Ode...

Laughter breaks in the moonlit sky
bringing forth your lovely smile

Cast away, the shores of pain, doubt
never forget the winds of change

The cowardly roar of shame bleets,
the singing of love does for you await,

The rolling hills of ectasy remain within
the smooth touch of my fingers edge

Across the world, and far away, I wait
I see, I know, I feel, I love, I lust, I need

Motionless in the night's bleeding heart
come from your shell, come forth to me

Soon the time will come towards us both,
when the dawn sky breaks, we may kiss

For now, a touch of words keeps us well
a breath of new emotion leaves us well

Until next...

Copyright ©2002 T. F. Coles