Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2002-06-17 11:14:39 (UTC)

dmv chicks/ why there so strong

I cant explain it really, like why some more then other
or what grips they have on my senses. Somtimes I just walk
or smile or enjoy the cheese cake more then the
conversation but they all make me happy and everyone of you
girls is beautiful. Im not just talking about the ones I
know. If you doubt me choose one anyone find a cup of
coffie share a smoke what ever and talk to them get them to
speak on somthing they love and I swear even the lady you
know her the one at any dmv across the nation slightly
heavy set the one you walk out calling a bitch.....Yeah
even her my friends you just gotta see them in the right
light I guess you Also have to be able to except beauty.
Whats the differance between them though, Heres the
question, How does it work this is the one that gets me
every time I close my eyes or look in to sky the perfect
sky over my little town no questions of god or how the
prymids were built....Just this one constantly plauging me.
Answered a million ways fate, subconscience, chemestry.
But yet Im puzzeled, more so even baffeled by this
question. Prom queens with all there physical beauty or my
art girlys who see everything shall with say with rose
colored glasses not rose blurred twisted perspective of
lifes events all charming all perfect in there own write.
This is it, perfect conversations or perfect kisses, looks,
smiles. Why arnt they the ones.....
Heres the killer perfect dates, intriguing conversation
the touckes are just wright, walking together in stride
like it was meant to be, even the sex, woken by little
kisses.... Yet shes not the one to see us youd swear we
were a match made in heaven yet when I have a moment shes
never the one to cross my mind or when I want one of them
to touch shes not the one I long for why is this why...
Yous hink all this was brought forth bt the event of DG
sort of yes but I saw the blonde one the other night
relation I swore was through but I had thought before itd
be fine as long as I didnt run into her on the street
see here what it is why is her mojo so strong as the
question with DG why are they so powerful what is it about
this blonde one they conversation isnt there I wouldnt
think yet she is so entertaianing to me. She called and we
had a drink her more stunning then ever I cant explain it
as I said just baffeled. why her why this one science the
first time I saw her she just put a hold on me. Id rather
sit at the bar at a loss for words akward silance then in
the most intense conversation with the rest. You know its
not even really akward anymore its just a silence where I
fel lucky to be able to sit with her to know her...Why
theres more to it but later I gotta sleep suns comming up...