Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-06-17 09:25:22 (UTC)

Prison, forgotten memories and a stash of Hamburgers

These events started yesterday.

A few days later than she originally said she would,
mother brought over the microwaveable burgers she had
bought. Well I wasn't expecting quite as many, all
together there must have been fourteen! Last time I
checked I wasn't the hamburglar so this was quite
shocking. After some random chitchat, Stuart came to the
car and they went off. They were going to visit
Christopher in Prison. I wanted to go but they said Joseph
(Christopher's friend) was going so I had to stay at home. The plan
was to have some of the massive stash of hamburgers eaten since it
was highly improbable that all 14 would fit into the freezer
considering that we had just bought a massive shop a few days
earlier. Well anyway a few minutes later, Stuart calls on my mother's
mobile saying if I want to come to the prison with them. Naturally I
say yes so I can get a little payback for the stabbing of my face
with a god damn potato peeler. Well that was the plan anyway.

So off I go to have a quick T-shirt change so I'm not nearly as much
of a skank as I was. So after that my mother comes round the house
and we all set off for the prison. After a brief car drive (brief as
in 30 minutes!) we arrive in Greenock. I have never been to Greenock
during the day, always at night with Christine on one of her late
night drives. I also think this may very well have been where I fell
down the stairs a few weeks back (check an earlier entry to see what
Im talking about) and if it wasn't here then it must have been very
near by.

I always thought Prisons had names the same way ships did, e.g. HMS
Whatever. Some might but the one Christopher is in was just called
H.M.P. Greenock. I suppose names for prisons would have to be
considered very carefully or else things could be bitterly ironic,
such as HMP Freedom. A silly joke I know but still...

Well when we get to the prison theres a massive fudge up. Apparently
my mother arranged for us to meet Christopher at 1.45pm but we were
scheduled to be in at 2.45 which would be too late considering mother
had to be at work for 4pm in Renfrew when the visiting time ended
about 3.30pm. After a random bit of complaining and profanities form
mother, we go to the town centre and look in shops for about an hour.
THEN when we get back at the time we're written down for, they say
they've taken out the booking because of the complaining but after a
brief chinwag between the ginger headed warden bloke and my mother,
we go and see him.

I've never been through a metal detector before. Not that it was too
exciting, just a frame with some sensors around it, nothing great.
Then comes the overfriendly sniffer dog. Usualy if some dog comes
snifing at my crotch, I give it a right good kicking but I'd probably
have a cavity search or something for acting suspicious. After some
brief standing still, we're allowed in. The attrocius jumpers they
have to wear, green with the name of the prison on it. That's a crime
in itself. Other than the attrociius outfit he seems to be handling
it alright. The night before we visited him, some smartass stuck a
rool or something in Christopher's face so Christopher did him in in
some way. Due to this, he's now being made to do exercises and
doesn't get TV for a few days or something. Not really much of a
punishment. Serves the wanker who stuck the roll in his face right.
I'd have done the same thing.

For the rest of the hour, nothing much other than small talk was made
about this and that. It went over my head mostly since it was legal
mubo jumbo and the like. Apparently for all the crimes hes done,
he'll get a minimum of four years. After the leaving we went to the
houses where my mother does her work then went to fathers to get
Stuart's PlayStation 2 since I was going to stay at my mother's house.

As usual, I watched non-satellite tv, played the PlsyStation 2 and
then watched a film. it was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
Its alright but not the best film in the world. We also watched East
is East on DVD during the night whilst nothing else was on. I
couldn't sleep very much during the night because not only did I have
to wait till Stuart fell aslleep before I could turn the TV off but
by the time that happened it was already getting bright and there was
a lot of loud wind so I was lucky if I got three hours of sleep all
through the night. I decided to come home early since I got an text
messsage from Ruth saying she were in Paisley and wanted to meet if
possible. Since I wasn't doing anything (admittedly, I am never doing
anything) I decided to go so after a quick shower and snack, I
straightened my hair (it's getting quite long now) and headed out.
Into wind. Into a lot of wind. Big hard, heavy wind. My hair was
ruined and is still full of tugs (this is three hours later). So I
meet Ruth, we wander about in Paisley some more then go to her house.
Aong the way we talk about some stuff, such as the craziness of our
group. Cross-over fic of Buffy and Hercules and some other stuff. I'm
at her house now and thats aboit all thats happened so far.

It's ended rather suddenly but that's life baby.