Nate S.

Self Starter
2002-06-17 07:25:22 (UTC)

Workers Constipation....err...Compensation!

I've never lost a job before. I've been at my current job
for three years. I sell pots and pans, aprons, knives and
any other Food-Network-Martha-Stewart-Must-Have-Item. It's
like family there. Think Empire Records meets Pampered
Chef. I don't want to leave but i'm slightly worried about
the longevity of the store. It's a small business; owned by
my boss. It's her life. And it might be ending. There's
talk about closing and talk about staying open. It's got me
concerned, wondering if i will have another pay check and
where my next one might be coming from. It just might be
time to move on. I need a job with comprable pay and hours,
i have bills to pay and must put myself through college.
It's also got me thinking more abouy my career for the rest
of my life, college, where tomorrow might lead. I guess i'm
not worried, it's not stressing me out...just got me

-Nathaniel Stiers