Nate S.

Self Starter
2002-06-17 07:14:00 (UTC)

You like me! You really like me!

I'm gonna be famous some day! Well maybe not but I made a
lot of people happy today. I was in a drama for our church
services this morning. Again i am faced with the idea of
pride. I had so many people approach me after church to
tell me that i was amazing, great, awesome, that it was the
best drama our church has ever done, etc... I said thank
you, thank you, thank you over and over and over and over.
I didn't really know what else to say. I had a blast doing
the scene. It was exciting.Getting on stage in front of
people always makes it a struggle to keep the attention in
the right place. On God. I realize that the only reason i
did well today was because God gifted me in a way i hadn't
realized yet. And i'm happy because of that.

I've said before that i'm a youth leader. It's been trying
lately. We've had so many interruptions due to graduations
and such. Group has been meeting about every other week. It
makes me lazy. I fall out of habit and i find my self not
praying for the kids as often as i should and would like. I
need to be planning the lessons and i find myself
procrastinating. I really haven't been in the word much
lately; that always takes a toll on my spiritual and
physical well being. Plus i haven't been sleeping much
lately..... I've been up too late and up too early for
work. And alas here i am, 12:10 am on the internet. I need
to be up in six hours and fifty minutes.

-Nathaniel Stiers