2001-06-20 14:55:41 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Hey wuz^? nothin much here. i already went to 2 parties
and i'm going to one tonight. but its just with Lane and
Kara. the two i already went to was with Allie where we
burned all our school papers (!) and a pool party at
Emmie's. Robert was the only guy that showed up, and i'm
glad, u know y? he's friends with Daniel! YAY! Robert
gave me his number when he signed my yearbook, but he
refuses to give me Daniel's number. i don't care, i'll
strangle him if i have to! lol! Well, my neopets stock is
doing ok. my BOOM went up 2, but my BB lost one and my
BUZZ lost two. But then I have two shares of STFP and they
went up 2. so im doing ok. well, i g2g clean before i go
to Kara's sleepovr.

love ya lots (& stay peachy keen!)