Life Makeover
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2002-06-17 06:33:06 (UTC)

Still have not written faithfully!

I have been in a slump again. Although, today I just
exercised for the first time. It felt great! I think I
just needed to just fianlly do it. Maybe this is why I am
writing. I will read my next lesson tonight before I hit
the hay.
I have also been taking those horribly pills to quit
smoking. I just really need to quit this time and say no
forever. I am also going to cut back on coffee
dramatically. Maybe not both at the same time though.
I have another challenge and it just might start to
happen. I need to get outside. I need to get out there
early and walk, walk, walk. I will take Julie. I would
love to do this before anyone gets up in the morning. It
will be like it is just all about me. Like when I was
single. Don't get me wrong I don't wish to be single, but
would love that time to just walk out of the house and go
and do whatever I want. Like walking. I need to make a
route and try to measure the distance. I can even go to
the other store in the morning because it a really good
walk. They even have a trail. I couln't take Julie though
unless I knew she wouldn't get stolen. I am not sure how
that would work unless one of the kids came with me. Uhgg!
I now change is slow, but it feels good even if it is just
a little bit of change. I think the fact that the VCR is
in the living room has helped. It isn't going anywhere.
All my Kathy Smith Tapes are videos. Plus, we have another
one somewhere. I'll get it out tomorrow.