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2002-06-17 06:07:43 (UTC)


Dear Diary,

Once again I'm all alone. Tabitha has gone off with Jackie
to San Antonio. I don't even have a bf to go to. It's sad
at it? I just told Brett that I feel like crying. I really
do. i'm so pathetic sometimes, I don't want to even know me.

Sometimes I wonder why I even have friends. But then Brett
or Michelle talk to me and it kinda makes sense. Everyone
tells me I'm a great person, "oh, your so sweet, you're
pretty, you're kind, you listen" And on and on. But when it
comes to doing stuff I'm always left out. Or stuck with the
bad crowd. It sucks it really does.

Like Tabitha gets to go visit her friend outta town, and
here I am tryingto go visit my friend and I don't know if
that will even work. I don't know if I will ever be able to
met him. Why can't things go my way for a change. I'm not
asking a lot. I just would like to have fun once in a
while, or go places or be a part of things. No viewing from
the sidelines.