2002-06-17 05:33:14 (UTC)


Dragonfly was the movie playing but I really wasn't
interested in the movie. We sat in the front row and
started watching the movie. At some point I reached my
hand over and put it on hers. She took it and for the rest
of the movie we were holding hands and rubbing legs. The
movie was just ok. After it ended we walked out to her car
and we drove over to my truck. We did some talking then
she asked me if I wanted to go somewhere with her. I
agreed of course. I took the lead and we drove down to
this spot on the river under the bridge. She jumped in my
truck first. We started talking, then holding
then.........then she said she wasn't afraid anymore and we
were kissing. We kissed soft, we kissed hard. She started
feeling up my chest under my shirt. She undid the buttons
and felt me up. The truck was confining so she asked me if
we could go to her car. We went in the back seat and
resumed our kissing there. She had the music playing and
we were making out. We stretched out in the back seat and
moved our hands around. She kept asking me if I was ok
with it. Oh yea!! I think I was the first one to feel her
up. She guided me along and I put my hand down her pants.
I didn't stay there for long. We were just getting to know
each other. She was feeling me and I told her it was ok to
put her hands down my pants. She did and then she pulled
out. She was surprised. She said she needed to get her
own place. She said she loved to feel my chest and I said
I wished I could do the same thing. She didn't seem like
she really wanted me to but she finally did. It wasn't a
long feel. I thought it was kind of odd that she let me
put my hand down her pants but she didn't really want me to
feel her chest. Later she said that she was really
sensitive there. At about 3 a.m. I told her that I should
probably go. We made out some more then said our
goodbyes. Man I loved being with her. I always felt at
ease with her. Any chance we got, we would go to the park
and just be together. Then she said that it was getting
hard to work when she wanted to be with me. So she quit
the job. That day she left, a bunch of us went out to
eat. It was kinda like our last hurrah together. After
the meal, me and her met at the park again. More kissing
and hugging. Since she left we had some computer
conversations, she would show up at work once or twice and
we would meet for breakfast. That one time we went to
breakfast around easter, I knew something was odd. She
went to check to see if they were having an easter egg
hunt, then she dropped me off and went home for a bit. We
ate when she came back but I could tell that she was
distracted. She was going up to see her family that
weekend so I wrote her an e-mail for her to read when she
got back. The e-mail was pretty loving. Before she left
she said that she wanted to see me when she got back. She
told me she'd write an e-mail that morning to tell me where
to go. So I logger on and there was an e-mail waiting for
me. Only it wasn't from her, it was from him. Somehow he
found her e-mails that I wrote her and so he was cussing me
out in the e-mail. I noticed her name was on the buddy
chat so I asked her what was going on. As I look back on
that now, I find that to be incredibly stupid on my part.
I should've known it wasn't her. Anyway, on the buddy
chat, the person that I thought was her said that he found
out and that she was really scared. She wanted to meet me
right then. She set up a place and I left home to go get
her. I went to the spot but she wasn't there. I waited
for a couple hours then left. Then came back. No sign. I
was worried for her safety. That was when I told Nick. He
was a bit flabbergasted to say the least. We hung out for
a bit, waiting for her again. She didn't show up, we
left. That night the phone rang. It was a number we
didn't know so we didn't pick up. I wondered if it was her
so I looked the area code up in the phone book. It was
around Rockford. I just knew it had to be her so I wrote
down the number and went down in the basement to call. She
was the one who actually picked up the phone. She told me
that he came up with her and saw this friend hugging her.
He confronted him about it then he actually punched him.
He came home after that. Then she told me he found my e-
mails and told her he knew she was seeing someone. I told
her about what happened to me. She couldn't believe it.
She said that if he would've just hit the friend and not
found our e-mails, she would've left him right there. She
said she couldn't do it know coz she didn't wanna leave him
knowing that he found out about us. I told her the poem
that I wrote. Then she handed the phone to her friend from
Texas. Her friend asked me if I really wrote that. Well
after a few more things were said, we ended our
conversation. I wondered what was gonna happen next. I
didn't wanna lose her. Ok, time to stop. Continued
tomorrow. On and on and on...........