Joes Thoughts
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2002-06-17 05:11:20 (UTC)

this crazy year

well heres whats new, i look back at my older entry and
laugh i noticed how i said brittani was my best friend, im
not soo sure of that now i mean yeah we went out but after a
while i realized who was really my friends, now see i moved
to california over x-mas vaca, it was hard noone was there
for me when i needed help especially brittani, she said she
loved me then hated on me when i was gone, when she heard i
was coming back she started acting like she loved me again,
goodtimes, well now its june and im moving back to NH , when
i get back me and jodies b/f trevor are making a
first attempt at creative musical efforts by me. i hate it
here and thats real its been to long w/o an entry to talk
about details so i will leave it at that....