The Thoughts of A Writer
2002-06-17 05:09:28 (UTC)

Oh my God Becky...look at this journal... It's been a while.....!!

I have been slacking on updating this here journal. I need
to get better on that. Well, Yeah. I'll try to remember to
remember...he he...figure that one out...

So, school is out and all I have been doing is painting my
nails and watching the lifetime channel on TV. (please
someone tell me thats not pathetic.) This is the season of
babies, let me tell you...

I know a total of five, maybe six, girls who are currently
pregnant. And then at least two who had pregnancy scares. I
dont know why. Maybe its just because of my small town But
everyone here is either your family or a close friend,
(lets hope these poor girls found their friends and not
families for these babies...)

My last softball game is tomorrow night and I am not
looking forward to it. I have to miss 7th Heaven! That
stinks! I love that show and ever since I started playing
this season all my favorite shows are the same exact
friggin times as my games! Freaking noogie! I missed all
episodes of that 'American Idol' show. I saw that one chic
singing Genie in a bottle.. (May someone have mercy on your
poor, poor soul...)

I saw cribs the other night with that Chyna chic. I used to
think girls with big boobs couldnt be wrestlers, but let me
tell you, I think I was trippin when I thought that!

I better go now. I'll update the site. I've been working on
getting ch 2 done, but dates are slowing me down. Look for
it by tomorrow at midnight.