The Nightshade Princess
2002-06-17 04:48:40 (UTC)

Of dreams or nightmares

I had an odd dream last night. Perhaps it was no
dream at all, as there are other realms, and this was crisp
and vivid. In this dream, there were many others. We were
all gathered in a wooded area that reminded me of my
grandmother's property, though with no scars left from
human habitation... no houses, no giant garage, no gardens
nor flowers, no pile of debris from old barns. I was
present when a confrontation took place between two
entities, and I was one of the warriors, though a benign
one. My power was of telekinesis. I was the magickal
worker of one of the leaders. I somehow entered into the
verbal conversation before the battle began, and the others
were made to know what my power was, though I thought it
weak. I began lifting a large fallen leaf, toying with it
almost as if none were present and no conflict had begun.
I had confidence in that small power, aside from the
general practice of the magick arts. I frightened our
opponent with this demonstration, but somehow I could not
prevent the battle from taking place. I was not personally
fired upon by whatever weapons were wielded. I remember
the feeling of safety from harm and invincibility. The
sene I recall most vividly was of lifting a severed arm
with my telekinetic powers without effort, and knowing that
it would be re-attatched once held next to the wounded
shoulder. I was chased by the leader of the opposite side,
who had an oddly modern, mundade weapon of a handgun. She
threw it aside and bid me run to get it... this part is
slightly blurring. I put the gun to my head and asked her
if this is what she wanted, and she said that it was, so I
pulled the trigger, hearing cries from the people around
me, yet a small distance away. I awoke with a
corresponding pain in my head which died away, and my ears
ringing from the shot. I know not yet what this means, or
if it were indeed astral, which is likely not the case.
To my love, if thou art reading this, I shall be home
tomorrow eve/night. I know not precisely how late, yet my
inner voice tells me it is likely not until 9pm or perhaps
later. We shall soon know what the future holds for me,
and where I shall be living from this day forth. I love