Nick's Journal
2002-06-17 04:30:00 (UTC)


my computer finally crashed and i must say it was the most
minimal crash (in terms of damage) i didn't lose any files
and just had to reinstall programs. not much shit to do.
anyhow i've been wondering about renovation.
i mean my computer is the shit and i won't hold this
little "software break-down" get in between me and it's
but shit i did so much to it and it crashed. i wonder why
we always 'renovate, soup up, rebuild, whatever'
noticeably all of those verbs don't really fit together
but hey, that's ok cos i'm austrian.
people soup up their cars. eveyrthing from sweet systems
(dave) to gay ass asian lettering. they'll soup up
foreign cars and think that they're the shit.
coincidentally they probably spend a lot of time in front
of the mirror souping themselves up. i don't see much
wrong with the latter.
most people look like shit and it's kinda depressing. i
mean comfortableness goes only so far. i think it's an
excuse. fact is. you're too fucking lazy and our society
has gotten just as lazy. we don't care if you look like a
hippo with a bad hair cut. but i do. you make me sick.
put on a tarp or god knows what. don't walk around in
your god damn cut-offs so that i see your pasty white
(size of montana) thighs.
rebuild, renovate.
and i'm sorry but we have a horribly stupid stereotyp.
namely. the "cool asian" jesus it pisses me off. in
every commercial or movie they have that one "cool asian"
with the greased up hair. now i'm not saying that asians
can't be cool but jesus do they think society is so
shallow as to say that they all come with colored
sunglasses and gelled hair? fucking retard producers.
they are the same people that put the "overly happy black
guy" in the commercial. you konw him. he's smiling about
every god damn thing in sight. what the fuck is so god
damn funny? nothing, but he's smiling, yes sah, he's
whoa. tangent.
soooo. i've decided something that needs renovation and
souping up.
me. my body.
now don't get me wrong i'm not some psychologically scared
bulimic butthead. in fact i eat so much it's not right.
anyhow, what i'm talking about are the deficiencies with
my body. i need glasses to see. i'd rather not have
them. i am deaf in my left ear...i'd rather not be. i
have hypertension and jerk uncontrollably and sometimes
have sever headaches. i'd rather not have that. so
here's what i want.
a new ear drum complete with three joint bones all with
treble and bass. i want some cones and rods and a nice
new cornea, not one of the shitty $50 ones you can get at
wal mart. i want a new heart. one that beats at the right
spot and doesn't emit the electrical impulses from a
wrong "channel". maybe a capacitor would be nice :-).
i'm gonna soup myself up all good and shit, you just watch.
--- i went biking with my parents today.
i am NEVER doing that again. of course i got the bike
without shocks and dear god, it was as if i had someone
use my nutsack as a punching bag for 45 mins. i swear i
herad the boys crunch a couple of times, it hurt like a
bitch. i scraped myself up, ate shit, and generally got
raped in the ass. i dont' know how the fuck they can do
it for fun.
--- if i had to chose to rape one animal it would have to
be the panda. first of all everyone's always saying "that
test raped me like a panda" so i figure it deserves it.
secondly. it's the bear with the white and black right?
so it's harmony in itself so my raping is off-set by it's
inner bear like harmony.
i can't believe people actually fuck animals for fun.
blech. that's kinda crazy. i'm reading a book on sex
addicts, crazy shit. so that's how that topic came