2002-06-17 04:17:41 (UTC)


just got home from missouri. i only stayed for a weekend.
drove around with travis saturday... fed some trout. it was
cool... T's coming home Thursday. that's when he's gonna
teach me how to parallel park! hah. i might actually learn
something this summer.

i'm trying to grow my nails out. it's hard. the temptation
to bite bite BiTeeeeeeee is there. oy veh. it sucks.

i decided to take senior pics in the fall since mom just
got me this pimp baby blue fringed leather jacket. it's so
awesome. i adore it.

seniorseniorsenior. i know it's not that big of a deal. but
it feels like one.

i heard from ike! can you believe it? i can't. .......
seems like he's quite the ladies man. well... i might as
well suck it up despite my bad luck... and say.. *whoosh*
good for him. i hope....... he finds every bit of happiness
playing the field. i'll miss him ever so much. as always.

jackie's supposed to be coming to stay with me sometime
this summer..... i cannot wait. god. then i won't be so
f'in lonely. i hate that feeling. and it's creeping.

i just hella sneezed......

oy vey.