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2002-06-17 04:15:42 (UTC)

living through another year like this..

blah... well that was interesting, working the late shift,
and here i am again... la di da.. its awfully boring...
anyway.. i slept til like 4, had dinner with my parents,
took a shower went back to bed til 8.. then i was talking
to matthew online and he was like im kinda bored and i was
like wana go to the store so we went to target and then to
walmart and then to dennys.. then i guess he had to go pick
up georgina.. i was talking about todd and he was
like "youre always trying to find someone to fill my shoes
and its not going to happen" i was like nice, matt.
thanks... whatever.. im soo bored... the computer in the
office wont go on the IMer so jose said to come out here at
the front desk.. oh well.. blaaaahhhh if he doesnt come
online in awhile i'm just guna go back in there and watch a
movie... i feel like im getting sick, it sucks...

WHAT AM I DOING!!! really... im such an idiot, falling for
his shit.. i know he doesnt care about me, why dont i
REALLY know it.. hes using me for something, nothing with
him is ever real anymore no matter how much i want it to
be... anyway.. this is soo boring..