Jena's Rants
2001-06-20 12:45:40 (UTC)

Three girls and liquor.......uh-oh!

So last night Bi Sweetie comes over to stay the night with
The Twisted Sister and I. Let me tell you what a large
amount of Zima and a complete and total need to get laid
will do to three young women. Nah, you fucking perverts.
We didn't make a sluttish trampy all girl action packed
clit flick, (though the thought had crossed my mind).
Instead it started off as an extremely raunchy joke fest,
followed by ratings of best sexual experiences, and then
well since Jena has had soooooooooo much experience
(whateva) - let's pick apart her sex life and see what it
says about her as a person. I do not know how the fuck
these two drunk beyatches somehow transformed themselves
into part Sex Therapist and part Motivational speaker in
such a short amount of time, especially since only moments
earlier they were slurring their words and telling me about
having sexual escapades in shopping malls. How does this
happen to me???? I dunno, anyhoo these two are familiar
with a few of my sexual fetishes which may be described as
abnormal and thus went on to tell me how it shows how much
of a degenerate I really am and that I should really hang
up the sweet good girl image and really dress the part.
Now I am hearing what they are saying and it is pretty
offensive but it's coming out of their mouths like it's the
most positive reinforcement they could give to me. So, I
dunno I am now stuck in this rut today. I have been forced
to question my sexual reputation because of two little
girls that have no idea how tantilizing erotic asphyxiation
can be or the necessity of a spanking device in the
bedroom, or i dunno any of the numerous things that I find
very interesting and very very necessary in order to enjoy
myself fully if you get my drift. Where am I going with
this? Geez, I am abstaining from alcohol when the company
is female based.