AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
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2002-06-17 03:16:51 (UTC)

What's so wrong with...being happy?

...she woke in the morning...she knew that her life had
passed her by....she called out a warning....don't ever let
life pass you by.....

i feel like the end is coming soon, it's just a matter of
time before i see the light. that is how i feel, and i feel
as if i will have already died on the inside....left the
world, and my body will follow.

he killed me the first time. it's just a matter of time
before i kill myself.

(not literally, more on the emotional level)

....if only someone had the power to waken bring me
back to life....but i fear that my chance is gone has passed me by.....

*don't ever let life pass you by....*