¤*°- My Own lil Hell -°*¤
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2002-06-17 03:11:42 (UTC)


Well... Eariler today I found out this bitch from Richwood
was saying shit about me... She told ppl that I as pregnant
and stuff..AND IM NOT! So I found out her screen name on
AIM and asked her about it and I even asked nicely! So she
was like "Well, I didnt know if you were pregnant, or just
fat." So I told her where to meet me and what time so we
could settle it.. Well I went to the place and chilled for
a lil while and she never showed up.. then I noticed the
freakin town cop at Movie Time which is like right next to
the place where we were gonna meet.. GRRRRRRRRRR! That
makes me so mad. Casey is coming over this Saturday to corn
row my hair.. lol Adam asked me if he could give me a black
girls nick name.. Should I be scared?? lol Im not. :) Im
gonna go and finish talking to him..

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