Oh,The Insanity
2002-06-17 02:55:01 (UTC)

And the end is near

so, I graduate in less than 1 week and to tell ya'll the
truth, I'm scared out of my fucking mind. What do I do
after it's all over? So many things have gone undone and
unsaid until now...now it's all gonna be over. So, I've
been trying to not think about it...but that never works
cuz late at night, after a long day of "being happy" I lie
there and cry myself to sleep. not only about graduation,
but about this problem I've had for a while. I love
him...I wish I didn't and I can't deny it anymore. I'm
hurting inside and he doesn't see it, and if he does, it's
not important enough for him to acknowledge...i don't want
him to give up all the friends he has, I just want to know
that at the end of the day, it's me he's coming home to.