Meaningless Ramblings of Dark_Child
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2002-06-17 02:40:00 (UTC)

Rain, Rain, Go Away........

Current Music: 'Something Told Me' by Coal Chamber

I'm bored.

I hate this cold weather.

By dog collar's making me itch.

I need to loosen it.

Ahhhhh.......much better.

I'm at the point now where I don't give a FUCK about
Michael. If he wants to keep leading me on like he does
then he can go fuck himself, or someone else, because I
wouldn't care! :P

If he doesn't want me, then I don't want him!

I might be getting my eyebrow re-pierced soon. I miss not
being able to see my barbell at the from the corner of my
eye. :(

I spent most of this morning calling up all of the piercers
in the yellow pages to compare prices. I've narrowed down
to 'Dig a Tattoo'-where my Dad got his tattoo, or 'Bensons'-
where I got it pierced last time. 'Dig a Tattoo is $20
cheaper, but I think my Dad would rather that I got it
pierced at 'Bensons' again, because they did it well, and
he thought the facilities were better there. I love getting
pierced. It's really fun. Especially when you bring friends
with you. Last time I got pierced, I brought three other
people with me, and they all crowded into the little white
room to watch.

My collar is still itching me. I think I'll take it off.

Dammit, gtg, Mum's home.

Guess that's all for now.

Bye Bye

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