Lenore the fool

Steal this diary
2002-06-17 02:09:49 (UTC)


It's good to have some secrets in life. There are somethings
it's best never to tell anyone. Even your lovers or best
friends. Somethings....well they're better left unsaid. We
all have thoughts we don't want anyone to know, we all have
feelings we don't want anyone to know, we all have done
things no one should know. That's why these diaries can be
good. People just release anything they want here tell
secrets and no one they know has to read it but they still
can have their thoughts read so they did tell those secrets
so they aren't burdens....but they don't hurt anyone this
way. Of course with this release there is still a threat
that someone you know could come across your diary and all
these secrets that you'd never tell anyone. But that doesn't
sound very likely does it? And if it happens I guess you
just have to trust it. Just trust that they'll keep it to
yourself. You'd like to hope that they'd forget about your
diary. But it's such wonderful mind candy. Junk food for
the inner eye if you will. Their dirty secret. They know
more about you than you wanted them to and you don't know.
But you would think to a point...it's safe, like there'd be
this some unspoken bond and rule you can read if you don't
tell other people and if you don't use it against me then
i'll keep writing my thoughts here for you to enjoy. I dunno
how I got to this point. I was just thinking of the secrets I
have the ones I'll never tell anyone. They'd cause too much
touble. They wouldn't help anyone. And most of them...would
be pointless to even utter. I don't even talk about them
here. They are the type that you don't want to risk it, or
you don't want others to judge you on...even strangers.

And no I didn't kill a man or knock over a liquor store,
nothing like that. no offense to anyone who has i
just...haven't done those things.