nobody cares
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2002-06-17 02:06:26 (UTC)

life sucks

ok so jason called me tonight and wants me to come visit
him on tuesday but my parents dont approve of me going over
to any guys houses until i graduate which i think is not
fair they still treat me like a 4 year old every day and
tonight before my mom went to bed she really showed me how
much she cares she said good nite u guys and i love u
donnell....... thats it she never said anything to me and
get this my brother is allowed to go to drama camp this
summer and im not allowed to go to any camps just because
im me " a rebble" i guess they think but i dont want to go
to a camp i want to go on a road trip with my friends but
because theres guys im not allowed to go i mean nothing is
going to happen and every bodies parents gave them there
oks it sucks

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