2002-06-17 01:41:35 (UTC)


Hey Guyz this is what my step-sister wrote me~
isten colleen is not a bitch you are a bitch you do not
even know me and you are saying that my fucking ass you
better back off got it! cuz i do not have anything to do
with you and i was not being mean to anyone in ur damn
house lately got it!!!!!!!!!! me and my ad are not fighting
s get ur facts straight you fat ass heffer and leave me
alone! with no love at all

Damn she is just a little kid... she doesnt need to be like
that all i said wasthat she was a bitch and she freaked....
why is she reading my diary anyways i can say whatever the
hell i want to say in it... its my diary... so i wish all
those kids would just leave me the fuck alone ... i dont
want anything to do with them... Byez!