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2002-06-17 00:43:55 (UTC)

lonely in new york

ok so im staying at school to work this summer instead of
going home. im lonely. my boyfriend is here and i spend
pretty much every hour that i am not working or sleeping
with him but i am still lonely. i miss spending the night
with him and i miss having other friends around. it is
making me quite upset. at least at home i had my dog. who
i really miss by the way. i wish i could have him at my
apartment. but im not here enough to take care of him
anyway so its for the best. i find that i get super
depressed and cant get motivated to do anything or make any
decisions which makes me even more depressed and tired and
then the more i sleep the less time i spend with my
boyfriend so the lonelier i get. i guess basically im just
feeling sorry for myself tonight. id like to go to bed but
it seems i always get the most depressed right before i
fall asleep so im not really looking too forward to that.
and now my tummy hurts. poor me. i want sympathy. but
its not like anyone is going to read this anyway. well,
goodnight no one. i hope you have sweet dreams.

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