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2002-06-17 00:27:58 (UTC)

To an unnamed friend

Wrote this poem in 2 minutes, didn't edit, don't laugh too
heartily, eh? I know it's kinda dumb, but it helped
me feel better somehow.

I used to care about you
More than you knew
I cared back then
More than I now do
It's not that I don't love you,
Of course, I always will,
But things are ever changing
And time does not stand still
Your life will soon be different
More different than right now
And even though I love you
I just can't see how
We can still be friends
It won't fit in your new life
I won't stand in the way
Of you and (soon) your wife
You are like my brother
I'm glad our paths have crossed
And I know all the memories
Will never all be lost
We had some really good times
Playing in the band
We had some really bad times
I would fold my hands
And lift them up to Heaven
For God to help you out
And I will still pray for you
That you would know the route
God would have you take in life
With your fiancee
Remember I love you dearly
More than a sister can say
However, a long lost sister
I will need to be
If you're both to be happy
And I am to be free

~R. Emma Sekah