Four Rooms
2002-06-17 00:24:57 (UTC)

A Secret Admirer.

I've always wanted an onlione journal, or diary, to post my
rants and raves about random stuff. I figured this would
be as good a time as any.

This entry is gonna be about those "Secret Admirer" e-mails
you get. I got one today, and it reminded me how much I
hated them. There are a couple reasons why I don't like
them. One, I don't have many e-mail addresses written down
or memorized, so I can never figure them out. Two, I don't
know that many girls, or their e-mail addresses for that
matter, so if it's just some random girl that knows me in a
remote way I'll never get it.

This is the core of my hatred for these things. I can
never figure out who the person is! Never! And the worst
part is, the site usually reads: "Q: Who should I put on my
secret list?
A: Don't be shy! The more people you list, the better the
chance of a match. So put anyone and everyone you like or
want to get to know better! After all, there's no chance of
rejection -- the worst that can happen is you won't match
up with them."

Now for all I know, there could be a girl I really like and
it turns out she's the one who sent the thing, but she'll
never know I like her, and I'll never know she likes me,
because I couldn't figure it out!!!

What I need is a good girl friend who can do little recon
mind operations on a bunch of people for me and give me
feedback on what they think of me. This way, if there are
girls who do like me, I'll know about it and can decide
what to do.

Girls, if you use these web programs, PLEASE don't. Tell
your good girl or trustworthy guy friends who you like and
have them drop hints to the person. That's the best way.
And by all means, give flirting a try. I know I love to
flirt with girls if they flirt back.

Well, I'm done with this entry. I'm sure I'll write about
something else later, and the entries will definately get
weirder as they go on. I'm quite the weird person.


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