the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-06-16 23:40:54 (UTC)


My new song obsession:

Nena "99 Luftballoons" in the original German.

Just thought I'd share.

"The other day I was eating a 5th Avenue bar on 5th Ave
while a few kids eating Snickers bars snickered at me. I
guess it was that whole 'irony' thing..."


Emotion: Whirlwind. Happy, because tonight at 8pm on MTV2
the Dashboard Confessional Unplugged is on. Anxious/Nervous
because of the Global regents. Ya know, when my brother
took it he didn't have to do the whole DBQ thing. He had to
choose 3 out of 7 essays and had to answer them with a
paragraph. And I was looking at the samples...easy shit.
Stressed and Giddy just because.

Giddy. "Giddy Up." hehehe. My new song. No! Wait!
Must...stick...to...Nena. "Girl were you alone?" hahahehe.
Oh the things that come to mind...