Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
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2002-06-16 23:31:29 (UTC)

Random Feet...

I met someone new. His name is Killian, and he's gothic.
I dumped Jonny for him, but now my girlfriend Jamie is
going out with Jonny and the three of them come over to my
house a lot to watch Kevin Smith movies. It's fun because
I get to be with my three favorite people a lot. Oh, and
my mother bought a 1,500 dollar painting for my father for
father's day, along with a 179 dollar chess set from my
brother, but my mother bought it, 3 CDs, a 40 dollar chair
massage thing, a few shirts, a new bathing suit for the new
pool, and a chess clock. There are some other things, but
I need not mention them. My mother spent a lot of money on
my father today. Jamie called earlier, and I don't know
what she called for because she hung up after only two
rings. She had a fight with her sister and her mother
earlier today when I was on the phone with her. I wanted
to tell her to let it go, and that the bass would still be
at the store tomorrow or the next day, but I couldn't think
of the right words to say. This morning my mother and I
prepared a feast for Father's Day Brunch. Most of the food
wasn't eaten. I feel as though I wasted most of my
morning, especially when I could have been sleeping. I
haven't been sleeping well lately. I have an MRI tomorrow
and I'm kind of scared, but my knee hurts a lot so as long
as they don't try to give me a shot, I'll be fine. Then
hopefully my knee can begin to get better. Jamie gave me
her necklace that has a lot of sentimental value to her,
and I gave her my fairy necklace which was given to me
because of my name, Faerie, of course.
My friend Shelby is in Memphis, TN right now. I saw some
of her friends in a hardware store yesterday... I was
wondering why in the world they were in a hardware store.
Then I realized that I didn't even know what I was doing in
a hardware store. I hope that I can see my boyfriend today
because I doubt I'll see him tomorrow, and I won't see him
Tuesday. I'm being forced into going to a funeral. I hate
funerals because everyone is crying and I have to pretend
to be Christian and say things like, "He was a good person,
he's in heaven right now, watching over you." I hate
saying things like that because I don't believe it's true.
And there is a boy riding a dirtbike up and down my
street. I'm getting a new drum set soon. My last was
used, but this one is going to be new, and I'll probably
get the same kind as I had before - Yamaha Stage Custom. I
had a Standard before, but I think I'll get an Advantage
this time.
I keep having dreams where I get sunburned and then I put
suntan lotion on top of my burn. Then I wake up. It's
very weird.

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