2002-06-16 23:20:16 (UTC)

The Weekend...

Yesterday was sort of interesting i guess. Actually this
weekend has been sort of like a slow down and relax type of
thing. On Saturday.. i woke up around 12 and just hung out
around my house until my dad got home. Since i cannot stand
it when my family is home, i left immediately and resorted
to Tara's house, where we watched 13 Ghosts. After that, we
went to westmoreland mall and just walked around for an
hour or two. What would the day be without our daily visit
to Subway?... of course we stopped there for dinner. Later
that night we went to Wynsong to see a movie. We saw "The
Bourne Identity"... it didnt really make too much sense
until the end.. but i really enjoyed it.. good movie. That
was the end of that night. This morning i woke up around 12
again. It was a very stressful day. I had to cut the grass
and do all this other yard work for $25. It was actually
quite a rip off.. but i needed the money so bad. My parents
are being the biggest dykes... i dont even want to get into
it right now. Me and my sister went to westmoreland mall
for a little bit, then to Kings for dinner. I am not quite
sure as of right now what my plans for tonight are... but i
believe there might be something goin on that i could get
in on. If not, i might just stay here and drink alone.

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