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2002-06-16 22:33:30 (UTC)

x its my destiny

Iam so scrared about going to australia agian i gotta say
goodbye to my whole life and friends and family.and it will
be awful.i mean i had my whole childhood and teenage life
here.I went to my first ball,i met so many friends,i had a
great 18th birthday,i met a guy who was my first proper
date,i had so many things happen to me here.and even though
iam australian it will be so hard.iam gonna miss it.But i
want to make it as an actress and get there .i cant just
get discoverd.i dont want to .i want to go for it and work
hard for richard the director of the school is dead
now how are they going to run it without him?they dont have
the love richard had for 3stage .Its gonna be a though road
yes indeed and iam going to make it.iam.its my destiny.