Reality Bites
2002-06-16 22:01:08 (UTC)

Somehow here is gone

Yesterday I went to the mall and didn't get a lot, but
enough. Then I came home and fell asleep watching a
Lifetime movie (those things are great for boring days!!)
then Alyssa called at 9 and said she was picking me up in
15 minutes to go to our friend Lanies party, so I was like
'um ok, shit, give me 20'. So i ran in and took a shower
and tried to blow dry my hair as best I could and had major
outfit issues but finally decided on my least favorite
capris and a blue GAP tank top. I looked cute, but nothing
spectacular ya know? I figured I'd know everybody there so
it didn't matter.

Well it was cool when we got there we sat with Mia and Gabe
and a whole bunch of graduated seniors. I got the BEST
strawberry margarita that Ian made...he ROCKS. Ok, so I see
this really HOT guy across the room with Lanie and I was
like omg, who is that and apparantly he was friends with
Gabe and he is 19 and his name is Riley. Omg, I was like in
love! So he came over and sat with us and talked with me
for awhile and then we danced...ALOT! Lanie and Lisa who
are in Gabes class and who I've become good friends with
were totally telling him how much I wanted him and totally
embarrasing me!! It was cool though we both just laughed it
off. And then around 1 or 2, Alyssa had drank a little too
much and didn't feel good so we had Lisa drive us home.
Lanie was like 'Aren't you gonna say goodbye to Riley?!'
And I was like, 'I thought he was coming with us!' and he's
all 'Sure ok!'. So he came with and sat next to me, and it
was a very eventful ride home, ha. Then I got out and he
gave me a kiss and then that was it. I'll probably never
see him again, which is fine with me cause it was a kick
ass night. Then Alyssa and I chilled and watched TV, and
Luke called and I talked to him until we were both
practically asleep. Alyssa got me hyper again and so we
went to 7-11 and got slurpies and got hit on by some
randoms who were friends with Jimmy but didnt know we knew
him, so that was fun. Then we went back home and went to
bed around 6.

We slept til 12 and by the time we got up my mom was at
work so we went for a run and she helped me work on my toe-
touch and then she went home. Then I went online to look up
some stuff about a concert and Luke signed on cause he
couldn't get through to my line and he just told me he
couldnt talk because he had his family over for Fathers
Day, but he was thinking about me and he loved me. How
sweet is that?! I completely had no idea it was until he
said that, Not that I should, cause it doesn't apply to me
anymore. I should probably go to my daddys grave, but I
sure as hell don't want to go with my mom and she's my mode
of transportation for the next 4 that's out this
year. I'll go on his birthday next year when I can drive
myself. I'm not sad, I'm just a little short for words on
the subject is all...I should go, I'll write later.