Deep Down
2002-06-16 20:20:21 (UTC)

Sing Me a Sweet Melody

Back from the dead
I crawl and I tread
out from where I came
It is her words that I miss
Forlonging just one kiss
I know I left; I should have stayed.

I've been sick.
Sicker than I'd like to admit.
Therapy got me down.....
I never wanted her to think I just disappeared.
On the positive note...I've been at a lot of gigs up in
Northern Cal and Nevada thanks to Jen.

I feel so alive. So, Sheena told me that she didn't want
any relationships because her dad is a cop and might be a
little protective over her if he knew that she was dating a
singer in a band. I suppose he thinks that I wear tight
jeans, spits on the crowds,and has a nose piercing ring-
chain that goes from one body part to another.

I want to get over Neeley.
She doesn't know I breathe.
Star betrusted me.
Sheena is afraid of commitment.
Laurel is odd.
Thank God for the Gravity Crew and my boys and girls.


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