good times, good times
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2001-06-20 06:20:58 (UTC)


matt's been a thing for me for 2 or more years now. now,
i've finally graduated, and as luck would have it, (i
promise it was luck! i'm not very sneaky) anyway, as luck
would have it, were going to the same college. i am so
pumped. we've been talkin on aim nearly everyday for over a
year now, and i used to be concerned that he didn't really
like me. it always seemed like he liked me when i would
talk to him, but then something would turn on and he didn't
care. now, as july 6 (first day of second summer term)
approaches, he's getting so much more serious. not the way
some people think of serious--matt doesn't have a serious
bone in his body, but serious in his own way. names like
sweetie, darling, sexy, goodlookin...etc., just out of
nowhere told me he wanted ot kiss me. we've known each
other since like birth-our parents grew up together, so
there are always lake holidays together, but we've never
lived close by so i think it scared him. he has issues with
long distance relationships. although they suck, they dont'
scare me. i've had several...
but i'm thinkin that now since i'll be living close to him,
he'll go for it. i really do.

lol~if that doesn't work out, i still have my blind date on
saturday! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! i have never been on a blind
date. that's kinda scary. lynds set me up with her bf or
whatever he is, significant other i guess, anyway his
friend. we're all sposed to go to w.f. to do something on
saturday. don't know what yet. i need to find out so i can
figure out what to wear!

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