the ups and downs of my life
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2002-06-16 19:36:56 (UTC)


hey all. wasup. yeah well tioday was Father's Day and i
bought my dad a book about NASCAR racing, a CD and a movie
Gladiator. he liked them all. well i have to send people
my schedule so i can see if i have anything with them or
not but i havent sent it to anyone because i am not sure if
i should send it to danielle. i am not sure if i care if i
have any classes with her but maybe i do, just cuz im
curios. and i know i havent talking to her since dec except
for that one day when me her and tracy went to her house.
and even then we didnt have a conv. so what should i
do?send it to her or not. let me know what u think.
please i need help.

welll this morn at like 8(early for me)my brother and sis
wrapp my dads presents without me and later he made
breakfast and i was mad. they could have waited for me to
help and it pisses me off. and then he made an omlet and it
was even all the way cooked. it makes me mad and i told
him but he thinks its so funny. and then he does it more
just to annoy the heck outta me.

well i hope i get to see my friends again soon..i want to
go and see Scoooby-Doo with them sop i wrote them an email
about it and hopefully they will answer it soon.

well my dad was going to rent a cabin and take us to the
lake last week and i want to and my brother wants to get a
pool in stead and i woul dlove a poll but he is opusshing
it to the limits. a pool costs about twice or sometimes
three times as much as that trip to the lake would cost and
i feel bad for my dad b/c i dont think he can afford it
with remoldling the kitchen and i try to tell my brother to
give it up. and he trys to say that he doesnt want to go
to the lake becuase he isnt that good of a swimmer ahnd yet
he wants a pool. i mean if he wants a pool because it isnt
as deep then he should just go out as f ar as the pool
would go up to him or farther if he feels comfortable and i
might have picked on him before but i didnt know he was
terrified of the water so i wouldnt pick on him any more.
and if we went my uncle might even let us use his speed
boust and that would be so fun.

well i guess that is all i have to say for right now.
cept..i want a boyfriend, i mean i am going to be a
sophmore next yr, i will be 16 next march and i have never
had a boyfriend. its kinda sad. wel thats all for now