Bridge street spenters
2001-06-20 06:10:03 (UTC)

us poor spenters in bridge st

ok...well,here we are..5 irish girls , living in a shitty
apartment in Boston, spending our life's waiting for
various fellas to call....some times they do, sometmes they
dont...tonight they did'nt.
Poor El...(girl in bedroom next door) is in a bit of a
situation...has fallen in love with a divorcee with 3kids,
all of whom he has custody of..what should she do? ignore
this love and risk it??? but then how could she bring his
kids to a family gatherig in the west of ireland..what
would people be saying?? ohh the narrow mindedness of
irleand..but what can ya do!
Then thers Naoimi...lovely little girl...altho trying to
convince herself she still loves her boyfriend, whom is
obviously not for her ( and 22yrs her senior)
And Linda....ohh...lindaaa...what a sweet sweet girl, who
is COMPLETLY....oh i say COMPLETLY...obsessed with a wanker
called Keith..he treats her horribly...whcih makes her
chase him more....ohhh yukkk....must put a spell on her to
make her find someone lovely..any suggestions?