2002-06-16 19:01:17 (UTC)

x homophobics can kiss my ass

Iam hetro.But i just cant stand those narrow minded losers
with no brain saying its wrong to be gay.You cant chose who
you fall in love with and being in love is something
wonderfull so why is it "wrong" i tell you,people are
scared and go with the flow its called saftey in
numbers.Its not a "sin" okay iam not religous and iam never
gonna be it.People get bashed up for being gay mostly men
get bashed by men.Who said that hetro was "normal" ?come on
normal is boring.If someone wants to be with someone of the
same sex let them.Its their life not yours so get over
yourself and look at your life.Who told you it was wrong?
the bible??for gods sake dont you have your OWN opinon??i
didnt think so.we got so much hate in this world we
shouldnt go on about something like this.its normal.if you
cant see gays well u got a problem.