SuGaR RuSh
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2002-06-16 18:21:24 (UTC)

never had a dream come true...

wow i had the weirdest dream last was me n callie
walkin near our skool..then we had 2 go all these diff
skools 4 every diff class then we were watchin the band in
a parade and i saw don then i was like i hope i dun c
mike...and then ryan her bf came and we like just left him
and then i was @ sum place working and it was my 1st day
and i was w/ steph c and i was scared and i kept messin
stuff up..and it was like a pizza place or sumthin then
joey from *Nsync's dad came and wanted me 2 make him a
pizza w/ everything on it and i did then he gave me 100$
and he never acually payed 4 the pizza so i was worried i
had 2 pay.. it was so im REALLY scared 2 work
cuz i know im gunna funk it all up and everything :(
ekkk...well..hmm...i HATE HATE HATE so one is SO tired...and i REALLLY wanna
go 2 kennywood 2 morrow but i dun think i can..i gotta ask
father 2 nite :( okay well im gunna go now cuz i wanna