No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-06-16 17:55:51 (UTC)


me and dre started going out day b4 yesterday. :-)
i really like him...i hope this lasts a long time. i told
cindy yesterday and she was like 'isnt that the same one
who's ex...' yea :-(...oh well tho.
hmm...the rose laura gave me is still alive. this is how i
like flowers. its sooo close to being dead but its not
black. its so pretty.
lol...cheekys gonna be pissed when she comes back! last
night was 6...and the summer has just begun:-D...she said
she got 1 tho. lol. imma kick her ass.
GGGGRRRRR!!! owen just imed me. oh well. i wonder how he
got my sn. *shrug*
well imma go. buhbyes

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