The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-06-16 17:44:36 (UTC)

We'll hitch-hike, bus, or yellow cab it.

Manda -- she of Bangs/Interstate 71 fame -- came into town
last night, and we went to Gooski's to see a few bands, and
hung out with Tom. I told him the story of how Manda and I
met, and he thought it sounded like a Muppet movie. Cue
singalong of "Movin' Right Along." Ha ha! It was the first
time I'd really drunk in awhile, and 3 Iron City's had me
surprisingly gone. Manda was sweet enough to drive me back,
so I'll call her up tonight and say thanks. It was a really
fun time. I get a little guilty about getting drunk when
others aren't quite so much. Regardless, Manda and Tom are
both great people.

Some slightly more troublesome news: I got on the computer
last night after getting home and ended up AIM'ing Nicole.
I told her I was really wasted, and she should come over
and make out with me, ha ha ha. Well, she jumped right on
it, and told me that hse really wanted to, and maybe we
could tomorrow? Funny how jokes spiral out of proportion
when you have a little beer in you. So I guess I have a
makeout date tonight with Nicole. She's a nice girl and
all -- slightly hormone-addled, in my approximation -- but
tonight's get-together this is definitely a flagrant
violation of my "dick over brain" edict.

I'll just take it easy. Ha ha. Next time I should just keep
my big drunken mouth shut when talking to girls I know have
it in for me.

On a completely unrelated note, I think I will call Jessy
tomorrow and invite her to the Pleasure Forever show on
Tuesday. Sarah is all for it. So am I.