Manda Michelle

my so called lyfe
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2001-06-20 05:34:21 (UTC)

Why I started this

Many nw thoughts and feelings have overwhelmed me the past
few weeks since graduation. SOme of them have proven to be
very very confusing. THe most being te being the end of my
two month relationship with Thomas. Things had startd of
so well between us, perhaps too well. Everything was good
untill ( well I cant even say that it was all good until
Lovefest) we jut started fighting and arguing all the
time. It seemed that our time spent togethr was spent on
seeing who could piss who off first.... Talk about
frustrating... Then came the ZenFest trip, which is when I
honestly realised we werent meant to be...The whole way
down there all we did was fight fight fight.... and I was
severely irrtated by the time that I arrived at our
destination... Around 10:30, I ditched Thomas and told him
that I was headed out to be away from everyone and meet
newpeople for awhile... and boy did I meet new people... I
walked up to this one guy and girl and jut started talking
to them to see what was up... (This is when I met Stephen
[more on him in a sec]) After we finished talkin i
wandered off to trade a massage for a bottle of water... I
walk away from the water stand when someone taps me on the
shoulder.. I turnd and there was Stephen.. He motioned for
me to follow him, I guess I hesistated because he grabbed m
hand and led me over to where his friends had a tent. We
cuddled and kissed and talked all night... When morning
came and I hadn't even thought of Thomas,I knew things were
truley over. So... Ilet the following week ride trying to
figure out thebest way to end things with thomas...
finally I just did it... straight up truth.. It may have
hut him but it was better than letting things go on the way
they were...

I'll try and update the wholet hig tomorrow.... ack am

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