my entity
2002-06-16 16:13:49 (UTC)

what a day!

oh well this day was kinda extraordinary...its father's day
and at the same time my best friend's 25th bday.

wen i woke up from bed, i texted my father and greeted him
a happy father's day...i just hope that he's happy with my
gift, a second hand cellphone. i can feel that he is based from my
observation...coz he's enjoying using the phone.

at 10 am i attended the church service and in the end i
voluntered to teach kids at the church...oh praying
that i can handle this...after all..i love teaching...but
this time, its kinda different...

in the afternoon, we had a small celebration at Lorna's
place and then went watch a movie. the movie was fine, a
story about two sisters with their families. i remember my
sister Cecille that time..oh well..

in glad that i wasnt late at work..and now here i
am...kinda bored and thinking of what could i do since
we dont have that much workload praying that i can
survive tonight...

gotta go...laterz...

12:13 AM