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2002-06-16 16:03:24 (UTC)


Oh man, I forgot all about the play, dammit. That was a
key day. Oh well, I guess I'll talk about it now. She
invited a few of us to play that her daughter was in at the
school. I wanted to go really bad, but I didn't wanna go
by myself. I asked Nick but he didn't seem to excited.
She told me that I didn't have to go if I didn't want to.
I remember that e-mail she wrote me. She said, I would
like to see you there but I don't always get the things I
want. Thats not word for word, but its close. I had to
go. I had to find a way. I called my sister and asked if
her daughter would like to go. As luck would have it, my 2
small nieces were together. I asked if they both wanted to
go an they agreed. It was really busy at the school, kind
of surprised me. We walked into the gym and there she
was. She was walking toward us. She had on a skirt and
her hair was pulled up. She looked really good that
night. Really hot if I may say. She said that we could
sit up in the balcony, so much for sitting next to her.
After the play she said that we probably could've sat next
to them. My nieces thought the play wasn't that great. I
don't know what they were expecting, but I was just there
to support her. Her daughter did a really cute Britney
Spears dance. They threw this glitter around and I told
her I thouhgt that part was really cool. After the play
was over we went down and I tried to see if I could talk
with her. She invited me to meet some of her family that
came down. I always wondered if they knew something was
going on then. Nothing happened yet but still I wonder. I
can't remember how we reacted toward each other that first
day at work after we told each other how we felt about each
other. That bugs me. I do remember writing an e-mail to
her saying that I was thinking about her all day and I
really wanted to hug her. We ended up going out together
after work that one day. We ate at Lonestar. I remember
we were giving each other these looks, probably trying to
figure each other out. It was nice. After that, we went
to the mall. We walked around, going into stores, looking
at clothes, listening to music, buying a chair. That was a
fun day. We were about to leave but we sat down first.
She asked me if there was anything I expected her to say.
I said no, I was just enjoying the moment. After a
pleasant conversation, we got up to leave. At this point
we gave each other a hug. It lasted for about a minute,
then we headed out. Before we went our separate ways, she
wanted to give me another hug. This hug lasted a little
longer. Whenever I hugged her, I never wanted to let go.
After that day I think is when I really started writing
those love letters. Each day I'd come home and jump on the
computer and type down what was in my head. She said she
really loved my words. Every time I typed, I just wanted
to let her know that I was thinking about her. We would be
at work and we'd be talking and talking. One day we went
out to our cars togehter after work and gave each other a
really nice hug. The day was perfect. It was warm and the
breeze was just right. I really didn't wanna let her go
then. We'd start coming up with ways to be together. We
said that we'd meet a little before work started and hug
each other. We'd be sitting in the break room and I'd rub
my leg against hers. Then one, we got off work early and
we went to the park. We walked the bike path for a little
ways. We would hold hands for a little while and have
conversations about our lives. We went into my truck and
flirted for a little bit. She started getting closer to me
and I was holding her. We put our faces up next to each
other and sat there. We got so close to kissing that I
don't think you could call it anything but kissing. She
said she could'nt do it. I said I know. One of those
nights we were instant messaging, I told her that I would
kiss her but not have sex with her. She said she was glad
I said that. A little while later, we made plans to see
another movie together. Another night that I will never
ever forget. I'm gonna stop there. I thought I was gonna
get further but I forgot about writing about that play and
I didn't wanna do that. So we'll start with the movie

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