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2002-06-16 15:15:51 (UTC)


I met her on a net 2 months ago...we started chatting every
night and then realise I miss her. It ended up everytime I
logon, I will look for her nick and chat with her, finally
one day I asked for her mobile number and she gave me. Then
we sms each other every day and surpisingly she replied and
I began bolder and finallly ask to meet her.

I seen her picture before but am just wonder how a person
she is, finally we meet on Senotsa beach, we chatted very
well. Time pass really fast and I really wish time will
stop so that I can have her company longer but well we

But well we began to meet every day and I realise she is my
motivator, someone I love to meet everyday...finally I did
something stupid, I told her I LOVE HER, but she asked me
to forget it....that really hurts me.....torn my heart

Anyway, still trying to heal my wound....

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