Wanna Hear About my Day?
2002-06-16 14:52:17 (UTC)

Another Party

Friday night Brandy and Jess came over and spent th
night.The nsaturday morning dad started wroking on the tree
house again.All it needs is the walls door and roof.Saturday
night Iwent ot party and dad bitched at me cuz i got home
to late.It was only midnight.Well the party was fun.I found
two peopl i like and i hung with them .They were funny and
mischeivous lol.There names where kim and joe.I dont know
why and i wont act on it but im attracted to older
guys.KInda weird well yeah todays dads day and my dad is out
riding on his harley.I wish he would ve woke me up so i
could go.BUt owell

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