nobody cares
2002-06-16 14:38:11 (UTC)

treated with no respect

no surprise i come on here and nobody has written to me
because im such a reject and nobody could care but ahwell
still at my friends house that puts her boy friend before
anyone else in this fucked up world but hey wut ya gonna
go... its a lot better than being yelled at by my parents
day in and out.. oh one good thing for the day is that i
might actually get to spend the frst day in a whole month
or two with my friend without her talking to her bf because
he's working from 12 to 8 so thats somewhat of a plus but
all she does is talk on the phoone with this other guy
preparing a doubble date for tonight its like
helllllllllllooooooooo im here right now cant u spend time
with me rather than be on the phone all day and night
i swear i cant take much more of this shitty life but
i start working again on thursday at oj just great another
place that i can be bossed around at and people tell me how
much of a screw up i am but its not like im not use to it
im only 16 and i feel like im treated like a 4 year old
sometimes i mean i might look stupid but really im not and
nobody can take me for who i am... i may not be the best
sports player... not good in could
careless even more each day but i am a good friend atleast
thats what my friends tell me but what am i saying i dont
know anything
so i guess i have three days of vacation left before my
work starts booking me to work for the rest of the summer
oh great i just cant wait.....(not) and i can just imagine
how bad it will be because we have no air conditioner and
the flys will be so bad its unbearable... well gtg for now
bye bye
luz of luv phoebs