Emerald Spirit
2002-06-16 08:27:05 (UTC)

Some Faith book questions

How would you explain your faith to the next generation?

How would you explain your faith to the next generation? I don't have
children, honestly its something my husband and I have been talking
about. Been a little scared because of the number of miscarriages I
have had. If its meant to be it will be, truly belive that. In
explaining my faith to the next generation, I would probably try to
start with a code of ethics. Living a honorable and peaceful life. So
of the stuff I belive in
1. The earth is a sacred divine place :) Nature makes the divine
2. Hell is truly when people treat each other bad, mistrust and fear.
3. Anger is really Fear outwardly expressed..
4. Angels :) Yep, I do belive in messengers of the divine spirit
5. Anything you love is to be cherished
6. Treat everyone you meet with the grace and diginity that you
desire yourself.

These are only the things that I came up with off the top of my head.
Tough questions of that email list huh.. got a few more I am going to
work on in this entry.. This is a question been mulling over since I
got the entry.. How do you explain spirit to a child.. Most of the
time I think children instinctively get it and just need a gentle
reminder now and then. Have you ever questioned God? Who hasn't?
Hasn't there just been a time when you wish that you can just blame
everything wrong in your life on someone else, and not take
responsibility for it. Tend to see a lot of people do that with the
almighty. Look we were created with "FREE WILL" spirit is not
accountable for our mistakes spirit just is. Lot of people in my
experience use the oh but I go to church every sunday faithly... So
they are spiritual people, when just something tells you they are not
living there talk. That's all I am talking about is living the path
you say you are trying to walk. With me theres been a lot of
stumbling ,lot of whining and crying, yelling and blaming , and then
that feeling of peace. With the feeling of spirit going what have you
learned from all this? Life is a series of lessons in how we interact
with each other and the world. I have come to the following

1. to be a good person is to live a good life with a good connection
to spirit. 2. be honest and real in your faith and the rest will take
care of itself
3. Live in love

Going to break this down to more entries...